Cardio topics such as blood flow, arteries and stress relief will be covered, include the fundamentals of essential oils ensuring safe and effective use.

Dates: 17/01/17 – 20/01/17

Learn about NATURAL HEALTH and WELLNESS during SCHOOL TIME including NATURAL options for kids, parents, and teachers. learn about ESSENTIAL OILS for your child’s immunity, study time and learning support, teachers and parents, and much more.

Dates: 23/01/17 – 29/01/17

Learn about ESSENTIAL OILS for the City Man, the Country Man, the Romantic Man, the Athletic Man, the Hunting Man, the Academic Man, and MUCH more.

Dates: 30/01/17 – 5/02/17

Information: Man’s World of Essential Oils

Learn about NATURAL HEALTH and WELLNESS and the many ways Essential Oils can help with WEIGHT MANAGEMENT, including emotional support. Want to learn about ESSENTIAL OILS for a healthy gut, digestive health, nutrition, vitality, and much more?

Dates: 06/02/17 – 11/02/17

Information: Weight Management and Essential Oils

Come join us for this EXCLUSIVE Adults Only  event. Are you looking for more PASSION in your sex life? Would you like to learn about essential oil RECIPES for the BEDROOM? How about some interesting techniques to “spice things up”? The fun and learning will be about the oils and their benefits to help support your body as a NATURAL option.

Dates: 12/02/17 – 19/02/17

Information: Essential OiIs in the Bedroom

Great ALL NATURAL RECIPES for your pet! You’ll have lots of fun learning about the oils and their benefits to help support your pet with NATURAL options. Discover ways to help your pet reduce stress plus discover Essential Oil RECIPES for keeping away insects. How about some oils for immune support and soothing sore muscles? Invite your pet loving friends too!

Dates: 20/02/17 – 26/02/17

Information: Pets and Essential Oils